Structural Mechanics Laboratory

Structural Mechanics Laboratory has necessary equipment to conduct the experiments of various structural elements. By means of this kind of loading experiments, structural behaviors of elements are determined by measuring deformation types and levels of experimental patterns made out of various materials including steel, concrete, wood, etc. The laboratory constantly develops thanks to the resources supplied in and out of the university. Some of the tools and equipment available in the laboratory are as follows:

5m x 5m x 3m three-dimensional experiment frame

3m x 4m planar experiment frame

Hydraulic loading cylinder with different load and stroke capacities

Hydraulic jack

Load cells with different load capacities

Numerous electronic displacement transducers with different displacement capacities

Numerous strain gage in different features and dimensions

16-channel data collection system used to collect data from load, displacement and strain gage sensors

Crane with 5 tons of capacity

Concrete test devices used in concrete cylinder experiments (with 150 and 200 tons of capacity)

Material test device used in steel pattern experiments

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Project Title

Supporting Organization

Supervisor of Project

Development of Alternative Connections conducted by using Structural Steel Elements for Prefabricated Concrete Post-Beam Connections

TUBITAK National Young Researcher Career Development Program

Asst. Prof. Eray Baran

Development of Alternative Mechanical Shear Connection Elements to be used in Steel-Concrete Composite Systems


Asst. Prof. Eray Baran

Damage Assessment based on Vibration for Various Performance Levels in Reinforced Concrete Frames


Asst. Prof. Burcu Gunes

Bending Behavior of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Beams


Asst. Prof. Eray Baran

Using Residual Prestressing Strands in Reinforced Concrete Elements as Reinforcement and Development of Relevant Design Rules


Asst. Prof. Eray Baran

Peel Behavior of Prestressing Strands in Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete


Asst. Prof. Eray Baran

Application of Loading Tests on Structural Elements of Steel Tower


Asst. Prof. Eray Baran
Asst. Prof. Halit Cenan Mertol