Accreditation Works

Learning Outcomes

The graduates of Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program, Atilim University are expected to be equipped with below given qualifications:

  1. Having necessary knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering courses and ability to apply this knowledge to model and solve the problems in Civil Engineering
  2. Ability to design and conduct experiments and interpret the results by means of data collection
  3. Ability to develop, select and effectively use modern techniques and tools necessary for Civil Engineering applications, including information technology.
  4. Ability to design complex systems, processes or products in the fields of Construction, Geotechnics, Water Resources and Transportation Engineering to meet specific requirements under realistic constraints and conditions; ability to apply modern design methods with this purpose.
  5. Ability to work effectively interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teams; individual work skills.
  6. Ability to identify, define and formulate problems related to Civil Engineering and to select and apply appropriate analysis and modeling methods to solve these problems.
  7. Ability to comprehend professional and moral responsibilities, and be aware of these responsibilities while practicing Civil Engineering profession.
  8. Ability to present ideas and communicate effectively in written and oral form in English.
  9. Information on the effects of engineering applications on health, environment and safety in universal and social dimensions and current issues; awareness on the legal consequences of engineering solutions.
  10. Ability to follow developments in science and technology closely and constantly renew themselves with the awareness of the necessity of lifelong learning.
  11. Information on project management and practices in business life such as risk management and change management; awareness on entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development.