Job Opportunities

Civil Engineers are employed in planning, design, construction, management, maintenance, repair and renewal of infrastructure components such as building, transportation, energy and irrigation systems.

Well educated Civil Engineers are presented with a wide spectrum of job opportunities in public and private sectors. Growing share of Turkish Civil Engineering and construction services in the World construction market increases international job opportunities in parallel with the global economic growth.

Civil Engineering Projects are mostly carried out for the social and economic peace of a country. Civil Engineers help humankind live in better conditions by improving our living spaces and controlling natural resources. Financial benefits of civil engineering constantly increase and engineers find chances to explore new places thanks to international job opportunities. Your dreams may come through with aesthetic, ecological and creative solutions.

The need for Civil Engineers, as qualified and high-level technicians, increases depending on production and needs of increasing population.

Civil Engineers may work in government offices or private institutions, transportation systems, building project planning, construction, water resources development and other civil engineering projects at national or international level.