Civil Engineering Master’s Program

Civil Engineering Master’s Program of Atılım University, with and without thesis, covers the contemporary topics in civil engineering. Aim of the program is to encourage the graduates with bachelor’s degree into research and to prepare them for their PhD programs by concentrating on computer – aided analysis and design.

Candidates, who wish to apply for Civil Engineering Master’s Program of Atılım University, should have a bachelor degree from civil engineering undergraduate programs or awaiting graduation degree from bachelor of science in civil engineering programs within 1 year.

Applications are evaluated based on the level of achievement from undergraduate program, Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES), English Proficiency Certificate and other criteria stated on the application form.

Among applicants, who cannot speak English or whose knowledge in English is insufficient, will be able to enroll the Preparatory School of Department of Basic English at Atılım University and they will be able to get acceptance for the program.

Atılım University encourages the candidates whose workplaces and jobs are coherent with postgraduate studies to apply for the programs.

Candidates who do not have English Proficiency Certificate or ALES Certificate should apply the related institution in order to be able to apply the programs. ALES is organized by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) whereas there are several accepted English Examination. For details, please visit the webpage of ÖSYM and the link below.

Detailed information about the application:

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