Fluid Mechanics (CE 307) Course Details

Course Name: Fluid Mechanics
Code: CE 307
Pre-requisite Course(s): CE 202-Dynamics
Objective: To introduce the fluids and their physical properties, calculation of pressure and hydrostatic forces on civil engineering structures; to enable the students to apply continuity, momentum and energy principles for the solution of various pipeline and open channel problems; dimensional analysis and similitude.
Content: Fluid properties, hydrostatics, kinematics, system and control volume approach, Reynolds transport theorem, principles of conservation of mass, momentum and energy, pipe flow: laminar and turbulent flows, flow in smooth and rough pipes, frictional losses, minor losses, computation of flow in single pipes, simple pipe systems, turbines and pumps.
Term: Autumn
Theory: 3
Application: 0
Laboratory: 2
Credit: 4
Course File: Course File
ECTS: 5.5